Charcot foot with a callus



In this picture you can see one of my patients who has Charcot foot and this is a condition where the bones actually break down in your foot and they remodel and reform with a reverse arch. As you can see, the bottom of the foot is kind of like a rocker bottom. Because of that, there is a callus that develops here. This needs to be observed every two months to trim down the callus to prevent a sore from forming. This is more of a stable Charcot foot, but in the stage where it is very, very active the person needs to be totally off of it for about six months so that the bone does not keep breaking down. After about six months everything is able to be hardened back again and this is the type of condition they have in their foot. If this does not work, we have to use other types of devices called a Crow boot that can help reduce the pressure on that area.