Early signs of Charcot

normal charcot

If you have never heard of Charcot, it is a condition that can happen with people with diabetes and neuropathy over a number of years. It really does not need to be a number of years with diabetes, it depends on how well it is controlled or not. If you have very poorly controlled diabetes and develop neuropathy early, by just simply stepping off a curb and injuring your foot, it becomes red, hot, swollen and painful and you break the foot. Then you start walking on it and it can breakdown into the normal Charcot type of foot that you see that has kind of a reverse arch on it. What I want to talk to you today about is early signs of Charcot because recently I was talking to a group of emergency room doctors and we were explaining about the condition of Charcot that many times it goes missed in the emergency room. I would adventure to say that if it is missed in the emergency room then many times it is missed by primary care doctors, by podiatrists, and by people alike and they do not know what Charcot is and they do not know what to look for. Basically if you have diabetes or lack of feeling in your foot and your foot is red, hot and swollen you should be seeing a podiatrist because you may have Charcot foot. And until further notice, you should stay off of the foot. The main response I get from my patients is they will state their foot does not hurt. But you have to remember that you have a neuropathy, it does not hurt, and that is why you need to stay off of it until you get it diagnosed by your doctor whether or not you have Charcot. If you do, then you are going to be advised to stay off the foot with crutches or something called a Roll-A-Bout which I talked about in a recent post.