10 Part Wound Healing Training Course

Reveals Helpful Wound Healing Tips and Techniques As Well Helpful Resources To Track Wound Healing

Learning Resources

  • Heathcare Guide To Healing Your Foot Wound Fast

    In this guide you will learn what you can do to help heal your foot wound fast.  It will go over many of the common mistakes that people with wounds make that can delay healing and lead to amputation.  Click HERE to learn more.

  • Wound Healing Case Study Guide

    Here is a guide you can download that will go over the common types of wounds on different parts of your foot.  This has many pictures and examples for you to use to learn what has worked for other people.  Click HERE to download this guide.

  • 9 Step Summary

    This is an explanation of the 9 steps involved in wound healing.  This will go over the 9 most common causes that can slow down healing.  This is information that should be explained by your doctor if they are seeing you.  Click HERE to learn more.

  • Book - Heal My Foot Wound Fast

    If you are a person that likes to have all your information in one place you may enjoy this book.  This either comes in a print book or Kindle and it is in easy to understand language. You can learn more about this book HERE.

  • Wound Healing Videos

    If you learn best with educational videos you can easily watch a video summary of each of the 9 steps to wound healing.  As well other helpful videos are placed here that relate to wound healing.  Click HERE to watch videos from YouTube.

  • Podcast

    Some people learn best by listening.  With this link you can listen to the podcast episodes regarding wound healing and the different success stories and problems patients have had.  Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

Wound Evaluation Tools

  • Wound Audit

    If you want to determine how much you know about your wound you can take this quick online audit.  The Wound Audit will ask you some of the most common questions about wounds to test your understanding and help guide your learning.  Click HERE to take start the Wound Audit.

  • Wound Progress Guide

    This is a worksheet that you can fill out to evaluate and measure your wound.  It is recommended if you are evaluating your own wound healing that you measure it once a week.  If you see a doctor bring this evaluation sheet with you.  Click HERE to get the sheet.