Not just a blister

20130325-160746.jpgI had a patient come into the office with a blister on his foot.  It wasn’t just a simple blister as he thought.  As you can see from the picture he has callused skin on the bottom of the foot with a blister underneath the big toe joint.  This is very common in people with diabetes and poor feeling.  This patient didn’t notice any pain but he started having a fever.

Solution: This patient had the wound debrided.  That is where the bad tissue is removed and it looked like the ulcer was going close to the bone.  He was sent to the hospital where he received intravenous antibiotics for a few days.  All the redness reduced and the wound looked much better.  Next he was fit in a special shoe with an off-loading pad.  This should heal up in the next few weeks.

If you found this helpful I put some links you can click to learn more about the process involved it will take you to a specific part on the website.  Also I put together a Wound Healing Cast Study Guide that you can get.  For a short period of time I put this here so click to download if you want to learn more.