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Recommendations After Having A Foot Wound

  • Check Your Feet

    If you have diabetes or have had a foot wound in the past the most important aspect of preventing another wound is careful examination of your feet.  Look at your feet or have someone else look at every aspect of your feet daily.  Make sure you don’t forget to look on the bottom and between your toes.

  • See A Podiatrist

    At least once a year you should have a foot exam by your podiatrist if not sooner for nail and callus care.  You should have a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam by a trained professional.  Click HERE to learn more about this exam.

  • Get Proper Shoes

    Many of the problems with wounds are due to improper shoes.  Make sure your shoes are the correct size and comfortable.  Just because they feel like they fit may not mean they really do especially if you have neuropathy.  Many insurances will pay for one pair of diabetic shoes per year.  If you want to learn more about this shoe program click HERE.

Ask A Question

  • Don't Wait!!

    If I can emphasize the most important aspect of preventing recurrence of wounds is getting help quickly.  This may be from you PCP, vascular surgeon or podiatrist.  Tell your doctor if you have callus, blister, painful foot or redness on your foot.  If you have a concern get help right away for your condition.  If you can’t get ahold of anyone please go to the Emergency Room for help.

Learn More

  • Book - Heal My Foot Wound Fast

    Even if you have healed a foot wound and don’t have one it is always important to learn more about the causes.  If you are a person that likes to have all your information in one place you may enjoy this book.  This either comes in a print book or Kindle and it is in easy to understand language. You can learn more about this book HERE.

  • Wound Healing Videos

    It is best for everyone who has diabetes to watch these videos to learn more about how to prevent foot wounds and what you can do to heal them quickly.  If you learn best with educational videos you can easily watch a video summary of each of the 9 steps to wound healing.  As well other helpful videos are placed here that relate to wound healing.  Click HERE to watch videos from YouTube.

  • Podcast

    By signing up to get these podcast episodes you will be informed about new topics of interest regarding wound healing and prevention.  Click HERE to listen to the podcast.